Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I would recommend this to anyone!

Our friend Bob from AL was kind enough to email us pics and a review of his MINI-BEEP build. Here's his story below. 

"I found the MINI-BEEP site by looking for plans for an off road vehicle to use around the house and the lake. When I first saw these plans I knew I had to build one. After receiving the plans and reading through them, I started on my project. The plans were very easy to understand, with all the photos and detailed instructions. The best thing about the whole project is stated on the plans, "Build It Your Way." Since being an Army Veteran, I knew I had to build it to look like an old Army Jeep. The plans are so well laid out, that it was a very enjoyable project. The body of the MINI-BEEP is engineered excellent, as it was much stronger than I thought possible. Since completing the MINI-BEEP, the compliments are non-stop.  Everyone that sees it wants to know where I got the plans, and of course I let them know it is from the Struck Corporation. I remember from my childhood looking at the ads in mechanical magazines of the small bulldozers (always wanted one) which were from the Struck Corporation, and knowing that this company was still in business, I knew that the MINI-BEEP was a quality product. I would recommend this to anyone that would like a very enjoyable project, wives , kids, and/or grandchildren would love to help."

"My MINI-BEEP was built on a tube frame with a 14 hp Honda clone engine, with a CVT clutch. I used a small go-kart rack n pinion for the steering and the wheels are 14" rim from a small car. The (fake) gauge bezels I used were made from the tops off of soda cans. The machine gun was made from PVC pipe and foam matting, hot glued together."

"Again, this was a great project that I am very proud of and would recommend to all. I will be taking it to a local car show in the next couple weeks."  -- Bob, AL.

Beautiful job Bob! Want to submit your MINI-BEEP or MAGNATRAC story?  Email us reviews, photos, and videos to info@struckcorp.com today!


  1. Awesome Job on the Mini-Beep! I've got the plans but haven't started yet. I'd love to see more construction pictures if you've got them. I'm looking at a few changes myself (i.e. Steering wheel, Hydrostatic drive, etc.)

    Thanks for sharing.


    p.s. originally from Ozark, AL

  2. Im about to purchase one and use my riding mowers 13HP B&S drivetrain. Cant wait to get started. Maybe a tube frame for me as well! Nice work.