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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Our friend Bob, from Aptos, CA recently emailed us some pictures of his house remodel. Above are some of the photos from his MAGNATRAC in action.

"So far I've just used this tractor in my yard doing a big remodel. I've attached some photos of the project. I had to remove 60 big redwood trees. We milled some of them on site for the project and had to grind out the stumps and root balls, in some cases to a depth of 8 ft for the new shop foundation. Due to the limited access and steep hillside I could not even get anyone to quote me on stump removal. I’m retiring in the next year or two and my son thinks we can make some money doing outside jobs, but I think we would need a new tractor to make that feasible. We've been pushing this tractor to the limit for years...converted the attachments to quick attach and modified Bobcat accessories like the stump grinder and demolition hammer to work."

Bob --- Aptos, CA

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Thank You for a Great Product!

Here's a recent letter from another of our satisfied customers and new friends, Jack from Aylett, VA:
"Attached are 5 pictures of my RS-1000 at work.  I am having nothing but FUN using this baby-dozer!!!

I installed the fake smoke stack for previous picture taking pictures, but I removed it to make it easier for me to get on & off.  I simply swing over my leg to dismount.

I moved the seat forward a couple of inches.  I drilled the necessary holes to do this.

Last but not least, I extended the vertical control levers up by 4 inches.

I made all of these modifications to kind of fit me.  Now it is customized for me.

My wife, Wanda, has ridden the RS-1000 several times.  It ran out of gas the first time she rode it.  She thought that she had broken it.

Thank you for a great product.  It has been great working with the both of you!"

Merry Christmas,
Jack --- Aylett, VA

Here are a few more comments by Jack recently after using his TR23 Tripple Shank Ripper.

"This past weekend I used the TR23 Triple Shank Ripper for the first time.  There is a good size area in back of my property that is hilly.  At the bottom is an area shaped like the bottom of a bowl.  After a good rain this area fills up with a lot of water.  I wanted to dig out an area for water drainage purposes.  First, I needed to break up some hard dirt so it could be removed in order to create a drainage path for the water to drain out.  Well, the ripper went through the hard dirt like a knife through butter!"

I could not be more pleased with the RS-1000

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Beep has proved to be a great base to start a whole lot of fun!

Check out our newest MINI-BEEP build photos from our new friend Mike In Kendallville, IN. Thanks for the photos Mike!

"I thought you would like to see some photos of my Mini Beep. I have had a lot of fun with it. My wife did not think much of it until she saw it finished. Now she loves it! Like a lot of others I have made some cosmetic changes to it."

"I have added a 10 Ft. boom attachment for it along with a weight box behind the front bumper. I rigged up a back pack hanger on the spare tire. I added 4 ammo cans to hold tools and extra nuts and bolts and the manual to show all the people who stop me to ask what it is."

"Radio/CD player along with head lights, running lights, brake lights and a horn. Also a cloth folding top.
The top was a challenge due to lack of sewing skills. A new skill I have added to my resume. I hope to add more details to it in the future like 30 cal. gun and a windshield. I'm sure I'll find other things to add with a little more thought."

"I also picked up a used trailer and fixed it up with some decals and painted the tires to match. I hope to pull the trailer with the Beep in the parade in the future."

"The Beep has proved to be a great base to start a whole lot of fun!"

Mike --- Kendallville, IN

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Monday, June 18, 2012

This has been a Great Experience for Jeff and the whole family!

Our friend Bill from South Glen Falls, NY was kind enough to send us the story of his 12 year old grandson building his own MINI-BEEP ORT! Below is Bills version of the story. Also, please see the link at the bottom of the page to the article that his grandson was in. Copyright 2012 The Glen Falls Chronicle, author: David Cederstrom.

"When I arrived home from Florida last June (2011), my twelve year old” grandson Jeffrey met me at the door with an instruction book and a big grin."
"When I asked him what he had, he replied “I have the plans to make an 80% scale working jeep”  When I asked him where those came from, he told me that he had found this website “Struck” on line and thought that the mini beep was “cool”  He then worked on his parents and they gave him the instruction book for his twelfth birthday. They told him that when his grand father returned from Florida that he would be probably be happy to help with the project and then the saga began."
"After reading the book carefully cover to cover the adventure started.  I explained to Jeff how to interpret the drawings and how to accurately read the various rulers and measuring devices.  I then went over the details and explained how to interpret the angles and arcs and had him draw out each diagram.  Then, before cutting anything, I had him check his work once or twice more.  He was then shown how to use a saber saw and, after just a little practice, began to cut out the pieces. Where critical shapes were involved, I suggested that he stay just to the outside edge of the pencil marks so that he could touch up the final shape with a sander."

"Jeff is a kid that has had an intense interest in tools for some time.  He started a collection of basic battery operated power tools such as drills, sanders, etc since the time he was nine. After about two weeks, he had all of the parts cut out and started sanding and filling the pieces.  It seemed like the sanding and filling was going to take an eternity, but he progressed at it very diligently."
"In the meantime, the rest of the family and some of the neighbors started to take an interest just to see what he was doing. His grand mother made he and I shop aprons and embroidered them with “Jeff’s” Beep works, and later made he and his father “T” shirts that said “Jeff’s Beep works.  Jeff’s said Jeff  “CEO” and his father’s said Bill  “CFO”."

"After the sanding and filling exercise, Jeff drilled all of the pilot holes where the various pieces would go together.  Then he went over these holes again with a countersink. At that point, we set up a couple of saw horses and cut a couple of two by four stringers to fasten the floor to.  In this was, the assembly could be made at table height and there would be a relatively easy way to move it to the bed of a pick up truck when the body was assembled. Per the instructions, each piece was clamped, glued and screwed with stainless steel screws." 

"It was hot that summer, and we left the garage door open while we were working.  Many people that walked by stopped to see what on earth he was building.  In fact, when the body was nearing completion, one day a school bus stopped out in front and several of the school maintenance men got out to see what we were doing.  It seems that they had heard rumors of this project and stopped to see for themselves."
"After the body assembly was finished, all of the screw holes and all of the seams were filled with epoxy filler.  Then more sanding took place.  Jeff is getting pretty adept with numerous types of sanders. Next, one coat of epoxy resin was put on and, again sanded smooth."

"By now, Summer was pretty well over and grandpa was looking forward to going back to Florida, so the body was moved to Jeff’s house in Gansevoort.  He and his father applied several more coats of epoxy resin and sanded, sanded, and sanded. The body was then painted with an automobile paint in a green color similar to the original jeep colors."
"The hardware kit was  purchased from Struck and his father painted it to match the body. (Epoxy resin and painting were not Jeff’s specialty.) After the painting was finished Jeff assembled the pieces over the winter of 2011-2012.  By January, it was starting to look like a real jeep."

"In February of 2012, the headlights were installed and an electric start engine was purchased.  The engine was installed and the key turn start switch and throttle were relocated in the cab.  By the end of February, Jeff was taking people for a ride in his do-it-yourself vehicle. A current estimate is that Jeff accomplished about 80% of the work that went into this over a period of about eight month’s."

"At this point in time, many of the finishing details have been completed, a trailer hitch has been installed and the float box is under construction. He has had so much fun constructing and customizing this “Beep” that I am not sure that it will ever be completely finished.  He is working on details to install brake lights and directional signals."

"All in all, this has been a great experience for Jeff and his whole family. It has taught him a great deal about mechanical drawing, carpentry, finishing, mechanical assembly, electrical wiring, etc, etc. In addition, he has become adept in using numerous types of tools."

"It has been a wonderful bonding experience for Jeff and his father as well as his grandfather. We have all commented that gee, it is too bad that more young boys do not have an opportunity for this type of experience."  
                                                                      --Bill, South Glen Falls, NY

Here is a link to the newspaper article that was written about Bill's grandson.  Copyright 2012, The Glen Falls Chronicle - Author: David Cederstrom.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I would recommend this to anyone!

Our friend Bob from AL was kind enough to email us pics and a review of his MINI-BEEP build. Here's his story below. 

"I found the MINI-BEEP site by looking for plans for an off road vehicle to use around the house and the lake. When I first saw these plans I knew I had to build one. After receiving the plans and reading through them, I started on my project. The plans were very easy to understand, with all the photos and detailed instructions. The best thing about the whole project is stated on the plans, "Build It Your Way." Since being an Army Veteran, I knew I had to build it to look like an old Army Jeep. The plans are so well laid out, that it was a very enjoyable project. The body of the MINI-BEEP is engineered excellent, as it was much stronger than I thought possible. Since completing the MINI-BEEP, the compliments are non-stop.  Everyone that sees it wants to know where I got the plans, and of course I let them know it is from the Struck Corporation. I remember from my childhood looking at the ads in mechanical magazines of the small bulldozers (always wanted one) which were from the Struck Corporation, and knowing that this company was still in business, I knew that the MINI-BEEP was a quality product. I would recommend this to anyone that would like a very enjoyable project, wives , kids, and/or grandchildren would love to help."

"My MINI-BEEP was built on a tube frame with a 14 hp Honda clone engine, with a CVT clutch. I used a small go-kart rack n pinion for the steering and the wheels are 14" rim from a small car. The (fake) gauge bezels I used were made from the tops off of soda cans. The machine gun was made from PVC pipe and foam matting, hot glued together."

"Again, this was a great project that I am very proud of and would recommend to all. I will be taking it to a local car show in the next couple weeks."  -- Bob, AL.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

My wife always says I get all the cool expensive toys!

Our friends Mark and Jan were kind enough to write an RS1000 review for us. They have been proud owners of an RS1000 since 2009. They have the hydraulics, material bucket and backhoe. Here are a couple of quotes from their letter.

"If you are considering a small powerhouse to help around the farm the RS1000 w/heavy duty material bucket and backhoe are a good investment. Whenever I need some moving power I go get my RS1000."

"I have been using my RS1000 for about 1 1/2 years. During this time I have put the RS1000 through the paces."

"The material bucket has 6 settings. Each has a different function. One is best for hauling gravel while the complete opposite seting is better for scraping or digging. The hydraulics are pretty stong too. Recently I had some railroad ties I needed to move. These were tightly staked into the ground and was actually 2 ties staked together. Very heavy. I placed the front of the material bucket edge and got in under an edge of the tie and lifted as high as the bucket could go. I did the same on the other side and soon I was able to push them. Just a few days ago we got 4 inches of snow. I got out my dozer and using the material bucket cleared our lane. I have grouser plates which gave me great traction. The material bucket is great if the front of the tractor needs to be raised."

"The backhoe is powerful but keep in mind it is still small so it can't take as big a bite as the big boys. The actual bucket hydraulics seem to have more power than the dipper. I dug a trench in my sister-in-laws yard to help with the flow of water coming off the neighbor's yard. It is working great and I was glad to be her hero."

"Recently I had to clean up an area on my property where I had torn down a shed. There were nails and glass all over the place. Since I didn't have to worry about nail puntures in my tires I was able to successfully clean up the area using my material bucket."

"I have recently drug an old John Deere 3 under plow that had been in the weeds for many years. I had tried to move it before with just my muscle but couldn't budge it. I hooked my chain on to it, and using my hydraulics was able to lift the nose of it off the ground about 3 inches. I pulled the plow up to the area I had just cleaned which was up a hill. No problem."

"Maintenance on the RS1000 is not just easy it is kinda fun. I have no technical skills but I was able to change out the belts, take the tracks off and clean them, lube all the zerks and put it all back together. The manual that comes with the RS1000 is very good. If you still have problems you can call Warren (the expert) and he will give you his years of experience. (Be warned, he is a bit high strung)."

"The Struck Corporation stands behind their product and has bent over backwards, and did some flips too, just to make sure I was totally happy with my tractor. I would recommend a Struck crawler to everyone that has land to use it on."

"My wife always says I get all the cool toys. I tell her they are tools, but of course I can't argure as the RS1000 is fun to drive and yet accomplishes things around the farm." -- Mark, MO

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