Friday, September 7, 2012

The Beep has proved to be a great base to start a whole lot of fun!

Check out our newest MINI-BEEP build photos from our new friend Mike In Kendallville, IN. Thanks for the photos Mike!

"I thought you would like to see some photos of my Mini Beep. I have had a lot of fun with it. My wife did not think much of it until she saw it finished. Now she loves it! Like a lot of others I have made some cosmetic changes to it."

"I have added a 10 Ft. boom attachment for it along with a weight box behind the front bumper. I rigged up a back pack hanger on the spare tire. I added 4 ammo cans to hold tools and extra nuts and bolts and the manual to show all the people who stop me to ask what it is."

"Radio/CD player along with head lights, running lights, brake lights and a horn. Also a cloth folding top.
The top was a challenge due to lack of sewing skills. A new skill I have added to my resume. I hope to add more details to it in the future like 30 cal. gun and a windshield. I'm sure I'll find other things to add with a little more thought."

"I also picked up a used trailer and fixed it up with some decals and painted the tires to match. I hope to pull the trailer with the Beep in the parade in the future."

"The Beep has proved to be a great base to start a whole lot of fun!"

Mike --- Kendallville, IN

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